Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ideal Body Measurements - How to Get the Perfect Body With Muscles Women Like

Do you know your ideal body measurements? Are you trying to build muscles women like? What is the perfect body anyway? Like many guys, I always equated the perfect body with bigger muscles. However, this big, bulky look isn't always attractive. If that were the case, then Hollywood stars would all be bodybuilders. That's far from the case when one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood belongs to a very lean, well defined Taylor Lautner. So what are your ideal body measurements and how can you workout to get the perfect body?

I am going to provide a few different methods for determining your ideal body measurements. I will use my own body as an example of how to use these methods to develop your own personal goals to build a perfect body. For reference below, I am 5'8", 137lbs, 30.5" waist, 41" chest, 47" shoulders.

A Bodybuilder's Ideal Measurements
In my quest to determine ideal body measurements, I first started by evaluating what the ideal bodybuilder would look like. Bodybuilding legend Steve Reeves' measurements are considered an ideal in the bodybuilding world. According to a calculator using this methodology, I would need to have a 50" chest and 30" waist. Essentially I would have to add enough muscle mass such that my chest would grow bigger than my current shoulder width. I would have to do this while maintaining a 30" waist and visible abs. Even if I could possibly do this, I think I would look like a cartoon character with these measurements.

A Better Approach to Ideal Body Measurements
The methodology defined by John McCallum seems much more reasonable. Below is his method for calculating your ideal body measurements. I've added my target and actual measurements for reference.

1. Chest: 6.5 times your wrist (Goal = 42.25", Actual = 41")
2. Hips: 85% of chest (Goal = 36", Actual = 36.5")
3. Waist: 70% of chest (Goal = 29.5", Actual =30.5")
4. Thighs: 53% of chest (Goal = 22.5", Actual =22")
5. Neck: 37% of chest (Goal = 15.5", Actual = 15")
6. Biceps: 36% of chest (Goal = 15", Actual = 13.5")
7. Calves: 34% of chest (Goal = 14.5", Actual = 13.5")
8. Forearms: 29% of chest (Goal = 12.25", Actual = 12")

Considering these measurements are for a competitive bodybuilder, which I am not, they are a relatively good starting point for getting the perfect body. According to these calculations, I should focus on adding muscle mass to my biceps while slightly increasing my chest and legs and slightly trimming my waist and hips. While these measurements may make me an attractive "bodybuilder," are these measurements really representative of a body women like?

The Golden Ratio: Develop a Body Women Like
The best approach to calculating ideal body measurements comes from the Adonis Effect. The program is based on actual research showing what type of body women, and even other men, find most attractive. Essentially, you should target a shoulder to waist ratio of 1.618 (the Golden Ratio). You waist to height ratio should be 45%.

Calculating Ideal Body Measurements
Using the above methodology for getting a perfect body, here is how I would calculate my ideal body measurements.

Height = 68"
Ideal Waist = 68" x 45% = 30.6" (Actual = 30.5")
Ideal Shoulder Width = 30.6" x 1.618 = 49.5" (Actual = 47")

Essentially I am right around my ideal waist so I should aim to add a little bulk to my shoulders. Visually, I'd say this feels reasonable as I'd have a nice v-shape if I achieved these goals.

How to Get the Perfect Body
Using John McCallum's approach in conjunction with the Golden Ratio, I think you can develop some pretty concrete goals as to whether you should focus on losing weight or adding muscle mass in certain areas. If your waist is too big, focus on high intensity interval training (HIIT) and a calorie restrictive diet. If you want to increase the size of your muscles, fatiguing your muscles by performing reps in the 8-12 range works best. Reps in the 3-5 range work best for tightening up your muscles and increasing strength. Whatever your approach, the above methodologies provide a means to calculate your ideal body measurements and offer a good template for how to get the perfect body with muscles women like.

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