Tuesday, February 14, 2012

About Big Women Dating And How To Win The Heart Of A Plus Size Woman

She may weigh a ton or look like a Sumo wrestler (no pun intended), but her boyfriend is definitely hot. This is not a fairy tale. Big women dating gorgeous men may not be that common, but it happens. Frankly, this defines true love. Looking beyond the large, plump physique and ignoring the questioning eyes - that, is "what does he see in that?" - is no task for any man.

Sometimes good-looking women get ridiculed for dating fat women. However, a true man would not mind as long as he is in love. Moreover, tastes differ and there are men who just adore big women. They even have a term for it, BBW (big beautiful women).

There are certain challenges a man can face when dating a plus size woman. Big women are not always easy to please. They usually come with certain insecurities borne of years of being fun of because of their body structure. Prepare to prove yourself worthy of her affection.

Often the plus size women are admired for their healthy disposition. They are light-hearted and easy to befriend. However due to often-times unfriendly circumstances they tend to have certain insecurities that are hidden beyond her smile. Be patient in courting these lovely creatures. They are sensitive but also have a lot to offer beyond their large armor.

The best way to capture their hearts is through appreciation. Learn to credit her for her other assets. Most curvaceous ladies are highly regarded for their intellect. They can carry an interesting conversation for hours that will leave you craving for more. Most of them are outstanding homemakers. This aspect alone often makes big beautiful women addictive. Their world around their kids, and they definitely can cook delectable dishes perfect for intimate dinners or family bonding. Do expect love to come pouring your way once you sincerely convinced them.

These ladies are self-made. Their independence can be contagious. They have learned to fend for themselves knowing that society can be cruel. They continuously strive to improve themselves - even though physically it might not be obvious - and to overcome hurdles. They need a man who would treat them as an equal. They would not stoop down just because they are physically above average.

The secret for winning the heart of the big woman is being consistent. You must learn that once you have captured her attention you should maintain the same affection that you have shown them when you were still courting her. A slight change could lead her to doubt your sincerity. Remember what she has to live with. Although they are confident with themselves, they still need reassurance to keep their trust. Obviously just like any woman, they do feel the need to protect their man from temptation.

Always try to use affirmative words around the big beautiful woman. Compliments can go a long way to secure the relationship. Never fail to tell her how much you love her. These three magical words especially when spoken in public can unleash the sweetest kind of love in the planet. Treat her right and you would certainly win her heart. Some men may not understand your preference but who cares? Do not let your pride get in the way of your happiness. She may be as large as a cruise liner but her love indeed can make you feel like royalty.