Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Extended Tummy Tuck - Ideal Body Figure

People, nowadays, have become more weight conscious and therefore, go through different weight-loss programs to get rid of that extra fat. Sometimes, people lose a large amount of weight, which results in their skin to become flabby around the abdomen, hip, flank and back muscles. The technique used to get rid of this extra skin is 'tummy tuck'. But, in some cases, the massive skin treatment is required that is known as 'extended tummy tuck'.

Extended tummy tuck, an expanded abdominoplasty procedure, was developed when it was noticed that some of the tummy tuck patients still had extra skin and fat at the hips, back area and the flank. To achieve tighter and flatter skin, extended tummy tuck was used.

The traditional tuck in some cases cannot be useful, because the amount of extra skin is often stuck by the hips. In extended tummy tuck, the surgeon removes the extra skin from the patient's sides, hips and also improves slackness at the flank, making the skin tighter from these areas, but this would eventually leave a bigger scar around the hips as compared to the procedure of normal tummy tuck. The length of the scar will largely depend on the amount of extra skin the patient has. The length of the incision extends from the abdomen to the back of the hips.

Sometimes, people use only liposuction treatment to control this problem. In liposuction surgery, the skin is shrunk but it does not work well on the patients who have already lost a lot of weight. Cutting out the abdominal skin makes it much tighter. In extended tuck, the surgeon may also use liposuction together with the cutting of skin to give the patient's body the ideal body contour.

The surgery takes several hours and is usually performed under general anaesthesia to insure the patient's comfort and safety. First, the incision is made on the patient's body along the lower abdomen, extending to the back of the hips. The exposed muscles from the incision are tightened and a new navel is created to match the patient's new body shape. The incision is then closed down, leaving a surgical drain to help remove and control the swelling during the recovery.

After the surgery, patients are required to stay at the hospital for at least one day to ensure that there is no accumulation of fluid, which would be drained out by drainage tubes. It is advisable to have someone look after the patients for a few days after the surgery. Pain medication would be given to ease the discomfort for about two weeks. After two weeks, it is usually safe for the patients to work and perform light exercises. The swelling, on the other hand, would disappear after about six weeks.

The decision of people having an that type of tuck should not be difficult. On the whole, people prefer to have an extra scar that the extended tummy tuck gives, rather than having a smaller one from tummy tuck, which enables them to perform exercises easily and look better.