Saturday, April 21, 2012

Evaluating Quit Smoking Products

Is Smoking Worth It?

Smokers from around the world are literally dying from their habit every day; every hour in fact. In fact, on average, 50 Americans will end up dying from their smoking habit every hour of the day. So many people will end up as another statistic in the ever growing pool of death by smoking; and this is truly sad because smoking related death is the most preventable death in America. A lot of people think that when they start smoking, they wouldn't be the person that has to have a whole cut into their throat so they can breathe. They don't think that they'll be the one placed on a waiting list for a new lung transplant, when their original finally gives out. Then there are those that don't understand that smoking is a one way road to possible cancer. Addiction is the main cause of people not quitting. There are a ton of quit smoking products out there that can help people take control of their addictions, and guide themselves back to a healthy life.

The Kinds Of Quit Smoking Products

Of the numerous quit smoking products, one that stands out almost always is the nicotine patch. The patch is a very common type of product used to aid in the gradual ending of smoking. Cigarette addiction stems from the chemical nicotine that is in the cigarettes. Nicotine makes the body crave it, and in turn crave the cigarettes. So if one can learn to take their nicotine from the patch or the gum, than a cigarette addiction can be easily fought. Some other products that have been very successful in stopping smoking are 12 step programs. Many people choose to go into the programs while taking the nicotine patches or gum. The 12 step programs basically strive to get the person away from cigarettes, and then encourage them to take out the desire for nicotine on other things. Instead of smoking, maybe read a book or go to your favorite places. There are many more products to quit smoking out there, but the right one will vary from individual to individual.

Do It With A Friend

Having someone to talk to that is also like minded in quitting, or doesn't smoke at all are crucial to finally quitting. Although not a 'product', having someone that holds the smoker accountable for their smoking habits is a great way to help the smoker stop. The friend needs to make sure that the smoker doesn't keep cigarettes, or always keep some sort of patch for their friend in case the cravings come back. While having a friend to help out with the quitting of smoking is not always required; it is highly recommended that one is brought in. Also when thinking about quitting the individuals physician should be contacted as well. A doctor will be able to subscribe more potential treatments, and assign them in a safe manner for the smoker. Having positive and encouraging energy to quit will help; but the overall willingness to stop will be the first step necessary to stopping at anytime.

Quitting smoking is imperative to living. Smoking has been shown to immediately affect the health of a smoker and everyone around him. There is no safe amount or safe time when it is OK to smoke, all smoking is deadly. Learn more ways to stop at